AP(Eye) on the Hill is our bi-weekly highlight of significant federal updates, particularly those that impact AAPI communities regarding reproductive, immigration, and economic justice. Learn about NAPAWF’s and other national AAPI groups’ federal policy work while you’re out on the ground!

Policy Recap

  • AAPI women and women of color take over Senate buildings to #StopKavanaugh
  • Secretary DeVos seeks to severely weaken Title IX for survivors
  • Trump Administration still intent on rescinding work authorization for H-4 visa holders


AAPI women and other women of color take over Senate buildings to #StopKavanaugh

Last Thursday, over 100 women of color, including 60 AAPI women, gathered in D.C. from all across the US to meet with their Senators and let them know why Judge Kavanaugh, as a Supreme Court Justice, would be terrible for AAPI women. The group, which included NAPAWF members and members from partner organizations such as All*Above All, URGE: Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity, and other state-based reproductive justice organizations, made lots of noise in the Senate dining halls to speak out against Kavanaugh’s nomination and also dropped in to every Senator’s office. 

  • Call your Senators at 202-224-3121 and tell them to oppose Brett Kavanaugh!
  • Read NAPAWF’s two-pager on why Brett Kavanaugh is dangerous for AAPI women
  • Judge Kavanaugh’s Senate hearings start next week. Watch them live on C-SPAN
  • Learn more about the unprecedented vetting process being used by Republicans for this nomination
  • See where all 100 senators currently stand on Kavanaugh


Secretary DeVos seeks to severely weaken Title IX for survivors

Photo credit: PBS

After announcing plans to rescind Obama-era Title IX guidance, the Department of Education is now set to release new rules that would further protect the rights of the accused by allowing them to cross-examine their victims, dramatically narrow the definition of sexual harassment, and allow colleges and universities to be held less accountable. According to a 2015 survey, 1 in 4 college students experience campus sexual assault. While national studies have failed to produce accurate figures on the percentage of AAPI students who are survivors of sexual assault, other studies report that AAPI women are the least likely of any racial and ethnic group to report rape and physical assault.

  • Read how Secretary DeVos’s new Title IX guidance would apply to different sexual assault situations
  • Read more statistics about campus sexual assault 
  • Learn more about Title IX


Trump Administration still intent on rescinding work authorization for H-4 visa holders

Photo credit: News India Times

Last week, the Trump Administration confirmed in a court filing that it intends to revoke work authorization for H-4 visa holders, spouses of H1B visa holders mostly comprising of women from Asian countries. While rumors have been circulating for months that the Department of Homeland Security intends to rescind this Obama-era policy, the court filing indicates that the new rule is imminent. However, before it becomes a proposed rule, it must reach the Office of Management and Budget. Currently, over 100,000 H-4 visa holders have benefitted from work authorization, which provides agency and autonomy for immigrant women.


NAPAWF Legal News

Supreme Court Nomination

What’s at stake for AAPI women with the next Supreme Court nomination? Everything. Check out our two-pager now to learn why Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a threat to AAPI women and families.

NAPAWF in the News

September 12 is Southeast Asian Equal Pay Day!

While it is known that Asian American and Pacific Islander women make, on average, 87 cents to the white male dollar, disaggregated data show that Southeast Asian women experience some of the widest pay gaps: for every while male dollar, Vietnamese and Cambodian women make just 62 cents, Laotian women make 60 cents, and Hmong women 59 cents.

Join us for a tweetstorm on September 12 @ 2 pm EST
to stand with Southeast Asian women in the fight for equal pay
#SEAEqualPay #AAPIEqualPay

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